03-18 November 2022
Next Block Expo official side event

ElympicsJAM is a free online hackathon for game developers that want to build their first blockchain game. You bring killer ideas, we wrap them up in new technologies.

Learn how to create and deliver blockchain games

Connect with like-minded game devs

Try something new and have fun!

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1st place

$ 1,500 Elympics credits

$ 3,000 Chainstack credits

Next Block Expo tickets

2nd place

$ 1,000 Elympics credits

$ 2,000 Chainstack credits

Next Block Expo tickets

3rd place

$ 500 Elympics credits

$ 1,000 Chainstack credits

Next Block Expo tickets


where & how

100% online

We’ll be holding ElympicsJAM fully remotely on our Discord

With support

You’ll get live tech support from our developers whenever you need it


You’ll get access to materials explaining how to use our networking engine


What you’ll learn

How to build a secure and scalable multiplayer game

How to move a local game online in a time-efficient way

How to implement blockchain monetization mechanisms into your game


Who is it for

Unity game developers looking for a challenging task and eager to learn new, useful tools

Game artists with a killer idea for a multiplayer game

Devs that want to learn how to use blockchain in gaming





Michał Dąbrowski


Tomasz Kowalczyk


Jarosław Kruc


Dominik Kowalewsk


Maciej Buczkowski

Google Cloud

Joshua Field

Contango Digital Assets



Getting started with Elympics Unity SDK

Michał Dąbrowski / Elympics

Build your first game with Elympics

Martyna Kaczynos / Dfatcode

ElympicsJAM vol. I

Multiplayer games inspired by classic sci-fi movies chosen by our jury.

1st place

HexaTron by Kamyker

2nd place

Bullet Dash by Tutel

3rd place

Close the Gap by R-Next

ElympicsJam vol.1 Partners

Michal Dabrowski, Elympics

The 1st edition of Elympics Jam was a success. Participants showed diverse approaches to Web3 gaming, and although it was their 1st experience with play-and-earn development, all of them managed to build playable games. 

Jaroslaw Kruc, G2A

Elympics gathered interesting and experienced specialists, both among participants and jury members. Workshops presented various blockchain topics in a simple yet fun way. It was a very good experience.

Tomasz Kowalczyk, StarTerra

Participating in ElympicsJAM as a jury member was a pleasure. Its organization and professionalism distinguished it among other global Web3 events.

Join the 2nd edition of ElympicsJAM and connect with game developers and artists from the entire world!

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Sure! We accept both team and solo submissions. You can participate in Elympics Jam on your own or team up with other solo applicants using a dedicated team building channel on our Discord.
Absolutely! Elympics Jam is meant for all game developers and artists regardless of their blockchain knowledge. You’ll get access to workshops and materials on blockchain development.
Yes! Elympics Jam is open to all game developers and artists no matter their skills, experience or blockchain knowledge. There’s no selection process: once you send your application, you’re in!
Yes! Anyone involved in the game creation process including developers, designers, producers, etc. can join ElympicsJAM. However, remember to join a team with game developers.
To participate in our jam, you need to be able to use Unity without assistance. However, you don’t have to use it daily: amateur experience is welcome.
Yes! We will post the recordings of each presentation on our Discord.
No problem! You’ll get access to Elympics materials such as documentation or video tutorials. You’ll also get help from our tech support. Elympics Jam is the best way to learn how to use our networking engine.


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About Elympics

Elympics is everything you need to launch a successful web3 game. From secure networking implementation, automated delivery and scaling to blockchain integration – you name it, we got it.