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Educating developers to trigger the next generation of multiplayer games

We believe that multiplayer game development doesn't have to be difficult. Once developers get the proper knowledge and tools, we'll see an explosion of esports-grade games with fair competition and engaging gameplays.

We share our best practices during:

local hackathons in Warsaw, Poland

global online gamejams


why participate

Multiplayer skills

Learn how to deliver secure and fair multiplayer games

Fresh knowledge

Participate in practical workshops hosted by our partners


Connect with game developers from the entire world


Give yourself a challenge and enjoy it to the fullest!

w3_jam vol. 1

Check out the summary of the 1st edition of our gamejam from June 2022

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Our jury including experts from G2A, PlayNity and Google Cloud among others selected 3 marvellous projects that fitted the theme: a movie-inspired multiplayer game

1st place

HexaTron by Kamyker

2nd place

Bullet Dash by Tutel

3rd place

Close the Gap by R-Next

gamejam made

Check out the games created by our participants

Animal Herd Royale by Cheesy Soupy

A multiplayer game in which the player races in an animal herding competition.

TheFence Clash by Pickled Rabbit Games

A tower defense game where wicked goblins attack garden gnomes.

HexaTron by Kamyker

A top-down shooter with destructible hexagons inspired by the Tron movie.

Bullet Dash by Tutel

A Matrix-inspired shooter with cyber-ninjas and a futuristic setting.

Close the Gap by R-Next

A twin-stick shooter referring to classic sci-fi movies about alien attacks.

Knights Out by Muchomor Sromotnikowy

A minimalistic game with animal warriors fist-fighting in an arena.

Oh My Cow by Old Boys

A crazy PvP game about a ninja warriors fight additionally impeded by the Divine Cow.

Cow Attack by NewExceptionGames

A pixel art shooter set in an animal farm full of hungry animals and obstacles.

Cow Ward by Another Stark Bites the Dust

An action game in which players need to find their home way through a forest full of wild cows.

gamejam reel

Watch the gameplays of the winning projects to see what delighted our jury


Participants and partners about Elympics gamejams

originsLoop_Dev, Cheesy Soupy team

This gamejam was an exciting and valuable experience. We learned how to plan and design a multiplayer game from scratch, all of that accompanied by the irreplaceable support of the Elympics team.

jakestolarsky, Cheesy Soupy team

Elympics SDK is easy to set up and start working on. You don’t need to know much to make a working game, just basic Unity knowledge. 

Netherman2440, Pickled Rabbit Games team

Pogchamp for organizing this gamejam, it was super fun. I’ll surely come back to your engine with other ideas to learn it better.

Jaroslaw Kruc, G2A

Elympics gathered interesting and experienced specialists, both among participants and jury members. Workshops presented various blockchain topics in a simple yet fun way. A very good experience!

Tomasz Kowalczyk, StarTerra

Participating in Elympics gamejam as a jury member was a pleasure. Its organization and professionalism distinguished it among other global Web3 events.

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