Final Contest

22-29 September 2023

Check out the games created during Elympics Summer Camp.

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1# Broken Alloys


Team of commandos vs omni-powerful Alien on derelict station for 3-8 players. Asymmetric TPP vs. RTS game with crowd control and random map generation. Will you prevail against all odds? Max 10 minutes for a game round.

2# Do Not Fall


Do Not Fall is competitive 1vs1 PvP game. Test Your skills against other players on an arena full of obstacles. Navigate and dodge to stay alive. Use variety of cool abilities to disrupt your opponent and make him fall. Do whatever it takes to win, but remember. Do. Not. Fall.

3# Elympicars


Old-school racing game for 2-4 players. Elympicars is a car racing game where you complete against opponents in 3-laps races. The goal is obvious – be the first car at the finish line!

4# Evil Twin Duel

Lonely Trout Team

"Evil Twin Duel" is a PVP platform game that challenges your combat skills and agility. Players have 5 minutes to duel on a big map with lots of ledges to climb, walls to scale and platforms to fight on.

5# Frog Game


Checkout FrogGame 🐸🐸🐸!Dive into a nostalgic experience with a twist! As a charming frog, jump sky-high in our tribute to "Ice Tower". Collect buzzing bees, groove to enchanting tunes by Komilrj, and get lost in the mesmerizing visuals crafted by AppleTart_art. Jump in! 🌼🎵🐸

6# InVain


2D competitive multiplayer game where each player gets assigned a list of different tasks available on the map. The goal is to complete all your tasks before others do.

7# Lasered!


Have you ever played Portal 2 Co-op with a friend? Have you tried to fry them with a laser beam and a reflection cube? No matter the answer, this game is for you. In Lasered! you have to use lasers to kill your opponents and be the last one standing.

8# Meowmancers


Immerse yourself in a spellbinding world of magic! Battle in a dynamic arena, collect powerful spells, and discover Tarot cards. Can you conquer the arena and become the ultimate Meowmancer?

9# Plated Ghosts


Plated Ghosts is a 2-4 PVP Free for All fighting game in a classic deathmatch where players kill each other by hitting the enemy player with their weapons. Players can move from top down view using the WSAD movement with additional F+G/Q+E buttons to rotate the weapon around the player

10# Raccoon Fall


Raccoon Fall is a competitive 2v2 arcade game with 2D graphics. The players take control of adventurous raccoons that traverse different interesting locations from top to bottom. To safely reach their destination, racoons tie themselves with a rope, on which they swing from one ledge to another.

11# Revolverist


Revolverist offers intense one-on-one battles, pushing your reflexes and tactical skills to the limit. Engage in fast-paced duels where every shot counts, and only the quickest thinkers will emerge victorious.

12# Sumo wars


The game is a ragdoll movement-arena fighter when as a professional sumo wrestler; u must push off your enemy. To move you will use WSAD, Space - Jump, Shift - Dash, Mouse - Direction Of Dash.

13# Trucks Trails and Troublemakers

Glitchy Games Studio

"Trucks, Trails and Troublemakers” is a crazy, fast-paced cross between a racing game and a third person shooter. Customize your car and weapon and race up to 5 other players through the web. As of now, our game features 2 unique abilities - the Ice Wall and Bubbles, which can slow down enemies.

14# 10nd Dimension

10nd Team

Its a 2d shooter with destructible terrain like in worms games. According to the lore (don't take this seriously) you are an anime girl trapped in a factory armed with gauss launchers and nuclear grenades fighting other anime girls which are in the same predicament as you.