Final Contest

22-29 September 2023

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About Summer Camp

Design and create a competitive game with your team and learn from experienced developers, using new game development tools.

Get your game evaluated by industry experts and appreciated by the gaming community.

Earn rewards (guaranteed prize pool for all participants) and the chance to count it as internship experience.



Build on Unity

Become a master in creating multiplayer games with our broad learning resources, crafted for easy understanding and application.

Use Elympics SDK

Tap into the full potential of the Elympics SDK. Bring your competitive real-time multiplayer game to life swiftly, surpassing all performance expectations.

Master Multiplayer dev

Gain from exclusive courses, tutorials, docs, and live tech support for participants. Benefit from ongoing project evaluations and priceless feedback from industry pros.



Unleash your creativity!

Build a game according to your own vision, in any genre and setting you desire.

Utilize available project templates provided by the Elympics team, offering ready-to-use multiplayer game components and solutions for you to freely incorporate.

Feeling lost along the way? The game developers hosting the Summer Camp will assist you in refining your project scope, game design, graphics, and technical aspects during dedicated feedback sessions.

Maciej Wdowiak

Producer and Game Designer, in gamedev since 2012. Ex Vivid Games and SUPERHOT. Maciej will provide feedback on your project, its scope and will help you refine your design so that the game is going to be the best as possible and you will finish it without problems.


Krzysztof Pięta

Senior Unity and Elympics SDK Developer. Working in gamedev since 2016 (earlier in Fuero Games and Cherrypick Games). Krzysztof will provide technical feedback to your project and will be ready to assist and support your team.


Katarzyna Wiszniewska

Art Director and game art generalist. In gamedev since 2014, ex Vivid Games and Nordcurrent gal. Kasia will keep an eye on the consistancy of your chosen artstyles and the visual communication in your designs.




$1200 for every team!


Each submitted game that passes certification will receive a guaranteed prize of $1200 = $600 in cash and $600 in Elympics Credits for your further game development.


Become a certified Elympics Developer!
All developers who successfully complete the Summer Camp will be awarded a valuable Elympics Developer Certificate, boosting their career advancement.



Special Prizes

Get ready for an experience just like during a game jam! All completed games during the Final Contest, will be evaluated by the jury and the community. Based on the received scores, the top 3 games will receive monetary prizes and special awards from sponsors.



June 26th

Start of registration

July 23rd

Deadline for registration

July 26th /
August 2nd*

Milestone 1 and the first feedback session (* – for people joined after July 17th)

August 16th

Milestone 2 and the second feedback session

September 6th

Milestone 3 and the final feedback session

September 17th

Project submission deadline and start of the certification process

September 22nd

Start of the Summer Camp Final Contest - jury deliberations and community voting

September 29th

Announcement of winners for the Summer Camp Final Contest, the grand finale of the Elympics Summer Camp


How to achieve certification, compensation, and participate in the final contest? It's simple! Just follow these steps:

Ensure your team delivers game builds at specified milestones on time.

Pass the QA process, ensuring your game is free of critical bugs that break gameplay experience.

Create an online single/multiplayer game with server authority using Elympics.

The game has to be for 1-6 players.

Target one or more platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

You can choose to build your game on one of our game templates, but it's not mandatory.

Get ready to showcase your talent and seize exciting opportunities!

How to start with Elympics

 If you're looking for the best way to start your journey with competitive/multiplayer game development, check out our Basics series on YouTube! 

Video tutorials

Want to go through the entire process of creating a multiplayer game with us in just 2 hours? Take advantage of our free course!

 Everything you need to know about developing games using Elympics is available in our documentation. If you can't find something, use the Search option for assistance.

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I don't have a team. Can I apply on my own?


Sure! We accept both team (up to 6 members) and solo submissions. However, remember that in most cases, by creating a game as a team, you increase your chances of delivering a better/more complex game. Team members can change during the Summer Camp, so if you know someone who can join the team later, you can invite them even after the Camp starts.

I'm not proficient in Unity. Can I apply?


Regarding developers, to participate in the Summer Camp, you need to be able to use Unity without assistance. But when it comes to game designers or graphic artists etc. of course, such requirements are not necessary.

I've never used Elympics before. Can I apply?


No problem! You’ll get access to Elympics materials such as documentation or video tutorials. You’ll also get help from our tech support. Summer Camp is the best way to learn how to use our networking engine.

Can I join the game camp at any time?


Yes, you can join at any time. However, it is important to meet the milestone deadlines.

I won't be able to participate in kick-off presentation or workshops. Will you record them?


Yes! We will post the recordings of each presentation on our Discord.

What about licensing? Who will own the copyright to the game created during the Summer Camp?


Anything you make during the Summer Camp is your property. Elympics claims no rights or ownership of your game. The terms of use for Elympics SDK and other products are governed by the End User License Agreement.

What if I can't attend a feedback session?


It is crucial to meet the milestone deadlines. We have intentionally provided two consultation dates after each milestone to accommodate everyone. If, for some reason, not all team members can attend a feedback session, we can conduct it with a partial team. In exceptional circumstances, we may be able to schedule an alternative date for a feedback session.

Can I later release the game created during the Summer Camp?


Yes! Since the copyright is in your hands, you can do whatever you want with the game afterward. However, please note that the Elympics Free plan will no longer apply if there are multiple simultaneous gameplay instances running on Elympics.

Will Elympics help me publish the game created at the Summer Camp?


Elympics can contact Certified Developers and/or projects they made during the Camp with 3rd party companies if the games hit the mark. This is a separate deal. One of the goals behind the creation of the Elympics Certificate is to showcase creators and projects using Elympics to companies and publishers interested in further development, funding, and publishing of these projects. However, Elympics itself does not engage in publishing activities. We provide tools, technological solutions, and connect projects with publishers and investors. The rest is in their (and your!) hands.

I noticed that Elympics is involved in Web3 game development. Does my game have to be related to blockchain?


No, while Elympics offers solutions for Web3 game developers, it is just one aspect of our offerings. During the Summer Camp, you will not be obliged to integrate any of our blockchain-related features for game monetization. However, if, as a game creator, you wish to monetize your game using blockchain technology later on, we can assist you with that.